Sunday, October 19, 2008


I suppose this post should have come before the "packing" post, shouldn't it?

So, thanking you for your grace extended to my misplaced posting, I'm here to announce that we're moving!

We will be renting the home of some friends of ours who have temporarily moved out of state.  The move will save us over $300/month in housing payments, which is a huge blessing.  The house is beautiful, and sits on a wonderful 10 acres of land (with creek, pond, chicken house, and more).

Though the job of moving a family of 9 is always overwhelming, I am so very much looking forward to being in our new home.  I feel God's blessing and guiding hand over this move, and I am thankful.

How about some pictures??  I hope to get pictures inside the house next weekend, when we will meet with our friends and finalize some details.  But for now, here are a few shots from the outside:


Jessie said...

That will be great! It sounds wonderful-very excited for you!

Kolbi said...

Congrats! $300, wow, that is a blessing! I was also confused by the packing post, but too embarrassed to admit it in case you had told me and I forgotten. LOL

Sarah said...

How the pics. Now will you be selling? Still a little confused to how this all came about.

Eryn said...

how beautiful. so are you selling your place, or were you just renting that also?

MagenRanae said...

$300/month is a huge blessing!! Hope all the packing is going well!