Monday, October 13, 2008

The "Followers" Gadget

Besides letting the blogger know that you read her blog, the "follow" feature also puts the posts in the "Blogs I'm Following" tab on your Blogspot dashboard. I still use my Google Reader, but this feature might be handy for some folks.

I've noticed how neat this gadget is on Mary's blog, and I know from my sitemeter that I have a few readers. Will any of them admit to it publicly? We'll see!


MagenRanae said...

I just read something on this today. You know I'm a sporadic follower...but what is the benefit of this followers gadget?

Laurel said...

Well, it gives me these nice little icons of my readers...
oh wait, you meant for you! ;-P

As far as for the followers, I think it's mostly beneficial to those who want to make their blogger dashboard more of their homebase for not only writing blogs but reading them, because it makes something similar to a "reader" on your dashboard page. If you use Google Reader or something similar, you're likely not going to end up using that function very much.