Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It's on the Market

The Byrds' Nest went on the market this week.  
I don't know what else to type... sitting here with my fingers hovering... but no words.


Reagan said...

This is a really cute house, who's is it? Is Byrd your maiden name?

Laurel said...

The Byrds' Nest is a wonderful place in the mountains that my Papa's parents bought around 1983. They passed away last September. Papa and Mama spent the last several years of G'pa and G'ma's lives caring for them. The house is now owned half by Papa and Mama, and half by G'ma's three children from her first marriage. They did not accept Papa and Mama's offer to buy out their half, preferring to see if they could make more of a profit by selling it on the market. So, after many months of hard work on my parents' part, it is finally on the market.

MagenRanae said...

That's sad. :(

Eryn said...

i was wondering too. thanks for the explanation. it is a gorgeous place. perhaps the Lord will change their hearts and your parents will be able to buy it still.
i love the ambiance of the place. still and lovely