Saturday, August 28, 2010


The blog migration...

Grace and Glory can now be found here. It's not "finished" at this point, but neither am I, so it's a good fit.

I've also moved (and renamed) my photo blog. Moments Gathered can now be found here.

Love You Can Eat has a new home as well.

I hope this move is a positive thing for you, my sweet readers, as well as for me. I'm assuming that your blog readers/feeds/etc will need to be updated with the new addresses. Thank you for reading my blog(s)!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well, we've been super busy the last couple of weeks... busy getting over a nasty virus that we acquired somewhere and unwittingly passed on to an unfortunately large number of people while we were at Ozark Family Camp. Ellie got pneumonia, and we had mulitple ear infections as a side benefit of this beauty. All 10 of us got it to one degree or another, and a couple are still pretty puny. So, that's taken a bulk of my energy recently, and I haven't gotten to the many update posts that I'd like to write sometime. But we're on our way out of it!

A few bits of other recent news:

Today is my fourth day in my Shampoo Free experience. I'm having a bit of a "transition" issue, but not bad. I'll be posting more about it; this is just a teaser. Follow the link above if you're curious, and if you have thoughts on going "shampoo free," I'd love to read them.

We did our first bit of canning today! I was amazed at how much the tomatoes cooked down in the method we used, but it was relatively easy and I hear it gets great results. Jonathan and I blanched the tomatoes, the big boys peeled and diced, Jonathan and I did the actually canning.Red, purple, and orange tomatoes. The partially filled jar will just go in the fridge when it cools. Our purples aren't doing great this year for some reason, so we didn't have many. On the counter behind the jars are some not-quite-ripe goodies.

I've been working on updating my photo blog... I was almost two months behind, but have made some catch-up progress in the last week - up to July 8th right now. And speaking of blogging, I'm getting ready to move to Wordpress. Not quite ready, but getting closer. That also has taken up some of my available computer time. I'll let you know the new place is all ready for visitors.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Home Again

We arrived home yesterday afternoon after a wonderful (almost)week at Ozark Family Camp at Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp. We needed to come home a day early due to some health concerns (including a miserable case of pink eye for sweet Ellie), but we enjoyed our time at camp. Pictures and updates to come.