Friday, October 19, 2007

Blender Pancakes

I've been borrowing some Sue Gregg cookbooks from a friend. I don't agree with all of her principles, but she has some great practical ideas that I'm interested in trying. One of the things that has piqued my interest most is the Blender Method. You use your blender the night before to get most of the batter ingredients mixed up, and you can use whole grains without investing in a mill! We'd like to invest in a mill, but in the meantime, this seems like a great (and inexpensive!) way to incorporate some true whole grains into our family's diet.

Last night, I started my first batch of Blender Pancakes, using 1/2 brown rice and 1/2 steel cut oats. I can share the recipe later if anyone is interested, but I need to run for now. I will say that most of my family really liked the pancakes. I found them very light, yummy, and filling. I'm looking forward to getting some wheat berries and other whole grains for making muffins and breads.

Have any of you tried this?


shawna said...

we love blender pancakes here! that is the only kind I make. I am all curious as to what principles you don't agree with. I have never actually seen one of her cookbooks, just got the recipe from a homeschool forum I am on. I have wanted to purchase them one at a time...but now you've got me wondering!

Laurel said...

Well, one thing I disagree with is the idea that we must avoid the foods forbidden to Israel in Lev. 11. I haven't read all of the cookbooks (that sounds strange, but in many ways they are like textbooks), but she seems pretty pro soy, which I am quite leery of Okay, that's a gross understatement - I think the overuse of soy is a major health concern. She also seems pretty geared toward low-fat, which I'm not a big fan of, but I will say that at least her low-fat recipes seem to leave out real fats instead of replacing them with fake fats, which is better than it could be. :-)

Feel free to question my thinking on any of those issues - of course. :-)

shawna said...

Yeah, I hear you on the over use of soy. Have I ever told you about our experience with soy and our first child? We can email about it. :) I honestly don't know anything about Sue Gregg, just that I LOVE the pancake recipe. I would have never guessed she would be a low-fat supporter..I have issues with that as well. :) At least this recipe, has real buttermilk, Olive Oil and an egg in it. How many batches do you have to make? I always have to make at least two.

the Mom said...

I'm very interested. I'm allergic to wheat, and pancakes made from rice and oats would be much appreciated!

the Mom

Laurel said...

I'll add the recipe in a new post

Laurel said...

Shawna, I forgot to answer your question. I made a double batch and it was just enough, not much extra. That was for us and the kiddos, no grandparents that day.