Sunday, October 14, 2007

Barn Dance

Some dear friends of ours started a wonderful tradition a couple years ago... they host a Barn Dance each fall and spring. It is a wonderfully fun and wholesome evening, fun enough to make it worth the fact that I can hardly move come morning!

This year after the spring Barn Dance, some of us talked about the fact that it would be easier for folks to learn the dances if some of us practiced together. Well, Sue and I had babies in the meantime, so the practicing didn't start until mid-summer, but four of us couples got in enough practice that we were able to easily teach quite a few people a few basic dances last night. And we made it obvious in our demonstrations that it was okay if you didn't get it perfect - because we sure didn't! :-)

Our camera had some condensation on the lens, apparently, but I've posted our pictures from last night's Barn Dance. Enjoy!


Georgia said...

I will miss going to these:(

Eryn said...

that looks like so much fun!

Laurel said...

It was!