Monday, May 21, 2007

Our Champion

I haven't posted very much here about the process, but we have been, for the 7 years (yikes, I can't believe it's been that long) that we've lived in Missouri, very involved in working to legalize midwives here.

Without even trying to make a long story short, I'm excited to announce that the Missouri legislature passed a bill this year that will legalize certified professional midwives (CPM's) in Missouri, and the Governor has stated that he fully intends to sign the bill. It's not the end of the road (the doctors have said they plan to take it to court, etc), but it is a HUGE victory, and such a thrill.

The law won't be in effect until August 28, so we will still be travelling to KS for the birth of this little one.

Here is a video interview with our champion, Sen. John Loudon. We can never thank he and his family enough for all they've done for homebirth families in Missouri:


Jessie said...

Congrats!! That is wonderful-I have enjoyed the use of midwives for both by kids. I hope everything works out.

Laurel said...

Thanks Jessie!