Monday, May 07, 2007

Baby Bath and other news

Our local church family had a neat surprise for us yesterday during fellowship break - A Baby Bath! It was basically a low-key baby shower with a rubber ducky theme, hence, Baby Bath. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures, because my camera (which is always in my purse) was in the work truck. But good memories! And someone had a 35mm camera that was used for pictures, so eventually we'll have some evidence. ;-)

In other pregnancy news, I hit 34 weeks tomorrow! I've been feeling pretty good lately, especially when I stay on top of getting my protein, exercise, vitamins, etc, etc. Swelling is under control, BP is fine, I'm getting used to the carpal tunnel, and my energy level overall is good. I do seem to be a little low on amniotic fluid, so I'm trying to drink even more water so baby can make more cushion for him or her self.

In other health news, we're trying traction to try to get out the knot in my neck/shoulder. Between that and the wonderful massager that J bought for me, I'm not having much of the burning from the knot that has been haunting me for the last couple months. Praise the Lord!

I find myself pretty quiet lately online and in my email groups. It's an interesting thing to me. It's not that I'm hiding, or that I don't want to communicate. It just seems important to use my energy elsewhere. So I find myself not replying to blogs and group emails on which I would usually comment, and blogging very little myself. I have tons to say, just seem to be on auto-filter. Some women nest right before going into labor; I think I nest 1-2 months beforehand. :-)

Speaking of nesting, we re-arranged and cleaned our room yesterday. Yay! Our room is very dark (wood panelling that was there when we bought the house), and I very much feel the need to lighten things up. So we re-arranged and did some cleaning, and I got out the light-colored quilt. J even said that we could go ahead and paint that dark wood panelling! Woohoo!

Why all the need to lighten and brighten? I have had, with some of our babies, a tendency to slide downhill emotionally after birth. I'm greatly aware of how much my physical environment affects me, and I'm concerned that being in a dark dreary room during those critical first couple of weeks will drag me down emotionally. The thought of being in a fresh and light room, however, lifts my spirits even now! I'm praying that I can find someone willing to come and paint for us so that J doesn't have to use his limited time off work to do it. We'll see how it works out! :-)

So that's the latest scoop from our house - how are you all?

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Anonymous said...

If and when you need an ear or a shoulder, know I am here. I love you, dearly.