Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Grace's Foot - Updated

Yesterday, this little owie looked like nothing. Today, with the red streak across the bottom of her foot, we are headed to the urgent care clinic. Apreciate your prayers! Thankfully, J is off work today.

Update - 12.55pm
We got to the urgent care place and J wanted a closer look at her foot before we actually took her back to be seen. There was no visible red line anymore! So we brought her home. Here's the picture I took after we got home a bit ago -

This morning after I'd cleaned it, I put some salve on it that a friend of ours from church makes. It has all kinds of good herbs and healing things in it, and we've seen it work well on all kinds of things. But I certainly didn't expect such dramatic results so quickly!

We've cleaned the owie again, trying to be sure there's nothing stuck in the wound, and re-bandaged it with more salve. Thanks for your prayers!

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