Tuesday, May 08, 2007

KBC Update from Linda Schrag - 12pm 5/8/07

We didn't get water in any of the houses and we thank the Lord for that. Everyone is safe and that is another praise item. There were several rescues last night and a stern lecture to some boys that decided it would be fun to go swimming in the river by Carey Park. It looks like the main building and cabins didn't get water in them either. Dale is checking on the shop and the pole barn. Eric just said that the barn out back is okay but the garden is under water. We checked out Mitchell and the water is going down. The water is moving very fast across the road so it may be washed out. We are sure water got in the building but we don't know to what extent. We were trying to figure out what was in front of the building when we realized that it is the red tractor. It is standing in about two feet of water. Dale thinks that it will be okay but he will have to wait until he can get to it to check it out. That could be several days. We are thinking that the water will go down some now that the flash flood is over but it will go up again when the river crests in a day or two. The Hawks trailer is the home we are most worried about. They are gone for the day because they are concerned about the well water and septic system. LTC begins in three weeks and we have campers in four. Pray that we won't have to replace a lot of things at Mitchell. We have a few guys living there and their personal items may be damaged. Rick Mills said that his guitar was in the chapel there. Keep us in Prayer in the coming weeks. Write if you have questions.

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