Thursday, April 12, 2007

Polly had her kittens!

Our sweet calico kitty has been hugely pregnant for what seems like ages. I'd never seen a cat waddle before. :-) But sometime in the night, she finally had her kittens - her first batch. Four of them. And I think she's a natural mother (unlike sweet Luthien who had such a hard time being a mama cat).

You can't see the kittens that well in this picture, but there (from left to right) is one blond (or do they call that orange in cats?) with a smidge of white, one calico, one black with a smidge of white, and one blond with generous white splotches.
Aren't they sweet?!?

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ruth bloom said...

We too have a calico cat. I have heard that a true calico is always a female. The three colors, so the saying goes never are present in a male. It has been true in all her kittens so far.