Saturday, April 14, 2007

If you live in Missouri...

... and are willing to take a couple minutes to help our family not have to go to Kansas for future births - then here's a little task that could make a big difference!

There is a bill pending right now in the Missouri House and Senate that will allow for Certified Professional Midwives to legally practice in the state, similar to the laws of 40 other states. (Senate Bill 303 and House Bill 503) Midwifery is truly the OLDEST profession for women.

Currently it is not legal to practice midwifery in Missouri due to others wanting to control how women give birth. In fact it is a felony for a midwife to deliver a baby at home even with the consent of the parents! This is why our family has made the difficult decision to return to Kansas for the births of our babies - so that they can legally be born in what our research has convinced us is the safest and healthiest environment for both mother and baby.

All of the well designed medical studies show homebirth with a professional midwife to be equally safe to hospital birth for healthy women. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Public Health Association (APHA) recommend increasing the role of midwives, as does the "Healthy People 2010" project in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Whether you chose to give birth at home or in the hospital does not matter. It only matters that you support the option to be available for Missouri families. Please sign the petition on the link below and let your legislators know that you want them to vote yes for legal professional midwifery in Missouri. It is urgent that you do this immediately as time is running out!

Click Here for the Petition

Here is a link to find out who your MO legislators are. Put their names down on the petition if you can.

You will need your full zip code to find them. Here is the link to find out your full zip.

Please forward this info to anyone you know living in Missouri.

Thank you!
For more information, check out:
Friends of Missouri Midwives
Missouri Midwives Association
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