Monday, April 02, 2007

Checking In

I haven't been good about posting lately, so I want to give a few short blurbs today. I can't type much, so I'll try to be concise.

Pregnancy Stuff
~ Baby seems to be doing great. I can find hearttones pretty easily with our fetascope, and think it is such a thrill to hear our little one's heartbeart with such a simple, non-invasive little device.
~ Swelling of ankles and lower legs started about a two weeks ago. Seems worse than usual, but maybe I'm just out of practice. ;-) Have started exercising more and I'm hoping that will help.
~ Losing feeling in my hands - mostly my right hand. At night I'll wake up with both hands sound asleep, my right arm up to my elbow sometimes. I've never experienced this before. Am hoping the exercise will help. I'm going to see a friend who does kinesthetic body work on Wednesday, and have my appt. with my chiropractor next week.

Other Stuff
~ Our cat, Polly, is waddling around the house, waiting to have her first batch of kittens. Don't know how many are in her little body, but she's got a huge bulge!
~ Papa and Mama Byrd are in town this week (got in last Thursday) - YAY!!! It's wonderful to have them here.
~ My dear friend Sue is due later this week, and her sweet little one is caught in a diagonal position on a very tight ligament. It's an improvement over her tranverse position last Thursday, thanks to several visits to the chiropractor, but I'd love it if you would pray for her and her baby Grace. Peace of mind and spirit for Sue, the ability to get into the right position for baby Grace.

That's all for now, because my hand is numb.

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Tracy said...

It's good to hear from you. I've been missing seeing you in cyberspace. love, tracy