Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Project for the week

I'm working this week on getting our bar-height office counter cleaned off so that we can lower it this weekend to desk height. We've needed more room in our office for quite a while, but with my belly growing, it's becoming a dire situation! lol

So yesterday, I finished cleaning off the counter - a major accomplishment, that. Now I'm working on making room in our big filing cabinet for the contents of filing cabinet drawer from our big school teacher desk, which takes up way too much room in here. I'm hoping to move that out this weekend as well, and since I got the counter clean earlier than I expected, I'm working on other things in the office that will enable us to make better use of our space.

I indulge in HGTV when I have the chance, and the Blessings have watched their share of Mission Organization, one of my favorites. A couple weeks ago, they were working in someone's office, and Davey says, "Mom, maybe you need to have them come and do *your* office!" Oh, yes, in my dreams! :-)

I've realized that I just don't have a spot for everything that needs one, and I'm working on figuring out how I can fix that. The combination of a home office/busines office/homeschool office is just a high demand for a space. Any ideas would be met with great appreciation!

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