Monday, November 27, 2006

So Excited

I'm so excited right now that I'm on the verge of tears. I just got off the phone with the midwife in Kansas, and things are all good for us to come home to have this baby. I also finally made my first pre-natal appointment for next Monday (here, not in KS).

I realized mid-week last week that subconscious fear about losing the baby because of the hormonal imbalance had me frozen in my plan making. I made it my goal to get past that fear and make those calls this week. And here it is, not even 1pm on Monday, and I've done it! Praise the Lord!

Besides that...
My precious parents are on their way toward me RIGHT NOW! I haven't seen them since the end of May, and then for not nearly long enough. They should be here tonight in time for our homeschool group's Open House to hear the Blessings sing in the choir.

My hubby is done with work early and is on his way home. Yay! We're hoping to get our table finished up while the weather is so nice. Highs in the upper 60's today, tomorrow, and Wed. High on Thursday - 34'!

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shawna said...

rejoicing with you Laurel!