Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Back on the FlyWagon again

A couple of background notes...

*I have found myself really struggling this pregnancy with giving in to feeling badly, and therefore being super lethargic, tired, and physically miserable a good deal of the time. Especially in the morning. In the last few weeks, I've gotten almost no group school work done with the Blessings, something we count on for getting our work for the year accomplished.

*Several years ago, Beka led me to (thanks Honey!). It has been a lifesaver in so many ways, and has changed my thinking about a lot of things. I have this tendency to go in spurts with Flylady, and sometime in late winter/spring, I tend to start letting go of habits that I've been working on establishing. I always have a wake-up call when the holidays start to approach, though, because I've found the only way I can get through the holiday months with any sense of clarity and calm is to FLY!


A few nights ago, I had my yearly epiphany and realized I had better start Flying, and fast! So I got out my Holiday Control Journal and have been working on that. I also re-started Flylady emails.

I tell you what! I am just thanking the Lord for helping me back on the FlyWagon (yes, I made that term up myself). Here's some of what I've been doing this week -

Getting ready for Thanksgiving
Starting to bake Christmas gifts (it's going to be a Very Frugal year, so I need to start now and freeze stuff as I go)
Having Dinner planned and/or started before noon yesterday and today
Sitting down with the Blessings for breakfast and our Firm Foundations lesson
Exercising (just got back to that today)
Shining my sink
Working on getting back to my morning and evening routines (I'm not rushing into this one; it's such a process for me)

It's interesting to me how much better I feel physically now that I'm getting stuff accomplished. I'm not finding myself on the couch or back in bed most of the morning. And mentally/emotionally, it's of course much better to be being productive instead of lethargic.

I'm contemplating proposing to my hubby that we turn the Resurrection season into a major family holiday... in part, to keep me from falling off the FlyWagon!


shawna said...

wow! I am impressed. I have never been able to get flylady to work for me. I am not sure why. I really like But hey, at this point I am not doing either! I need to pull myself together.

what is firm foundations?

Laurel said...

Firm Foundations is a great curriculum from New Tribes Mission. It starts at the beginning and builds a real understanding of Who God is and how His character is reflected consistently throughout His Word.

The curriculum stemmed from the realization that often when unreached tribes would respond quickly to Gospel, but then "backslide" it was often because they didn't really have a firm foundation of knowledge. They found that when they were willing to take the time to go to the beggining and build carefully, the long term results were totally different.

They've created this Firm Foundations series for use in a variety of settings, and I think they have a version specifically for adults, as well. We take what looks like it's planned for an hour long class and split it into 4-5 days of shorter lessons.

Many thanks to J's folks for getting this series and letting us use it!

shawna said...

that sounds really neat.

We are currently just reading the bible to them and discussing it.
I think I would like things more layed out for me.

what do you guys use for spelling?

BVT said...


I just love reading your blog. I feel so cut off from the world as a mother sometimes and it helps me to read about your life :-).

Laurel said...

BVT = Beth, right?

I'm so glad you like to read. I want so much to be a blessing to others.

I see you've created a Blogger ID. Does that mean you're going to blog also??