Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sick Count Update

Okay... 2 done, 3 recovering, 1 in the midst...

Things to be thankful for -

The child that handles being sick the worst is the only one sick right now. God knows I need all available patience and grace for this one!

She's sick during the day. I was dreading another long night of holding sick heads, changing clothes, doing laundry, etc, etc, etc

So far, I'm only pregnancy nauseous, which for me isn't a violent thing, just an ebb and flow of greenness.


Beth Van Trees said...

Congratulations Laurel! I would love to get some mothering insight from you.

MagenRanae said...

Hello, Laurel! It was so nice to officially meet you at the conference last weekend. I decided since you've been reading my blog and lurking (as Shawna calls it)...that I'd go ahead and read your blog. I'm actually really obsessive...I can never start in the middle of I ended up reading your whole blog! But, don't worry, I've got homework done too! Everytime I completed something (like a math problem or a page of reading) I read one more entry! was good motivation - I was excited to see what you wrote next!

My mother-in-law Mary Jo asked the other day how many children you have now. Micah guessed 8, and Mary Jo thought he was right...but I wasn't sure. (I win!) I'll have to tell her you're expecting again! Congrats.

Hope the rest of you week goes well.

Laurel said...

Hi Beth! It's good to hear from you! :-)

And hi Magen! It was great to get to met you last weekend. Micah overestimated us. We're growing our seventh right now. I'm so glad you found me. :-) I think you changed your blog settings since last time I lurked, though. When I go to your profile, I can't see your blog.

MagenRanae said...

Not sure how it got changed...but I think it's fixed now. :) I don't update very often...but, I'm sure you can understand time constraints!

Laurel said...

Yay! It worked :-)