Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My First Furniture Re-do

From this:

To this:

I have no experience, and this project is proof that if you're content with imperfection, you can have beauty! This is a chair that came out of my G'pa and G'ma Byrd's attic. The original cover was totally torn up by our sheltie when the chair lived out on the front porch for a while. The chair itself has been extensively repaired by Jonathan as it had taken several injuries. It's been sitting in our room, too ugly/messed up to use, just taking up space. Time for it to be lovely again!

One of the boys and I unscrewed the seat from the chair and I ripped off all the old stuff. I didn't have any padding, but I thought of this old worn out mattress cover. I folded it over and over, and cut it to the right size. I think I ended up with seven layers.

Then I took a jumper a friend gave me several years ago. I love the fabric, but it had several worn (or burned?) spots that made it unwearable. So I very roughly cut it, leaving plenty of room to bring it to the underside of the seat.

At this point, I checked the stapler and found it empty, so the project was put on hold until we could pick up some more staples. Today, as I prepared to load the staple gun with new staples, about an inch and a half of staples fell out of the gun. I think God just knew on Saturday that I'd done too much and needed to stop.

So, I have no idea of the "right" way to do this, but I stapled the sides first, pulling the fabric snug, then trimmed the side fabric. Next I did the front and back, also trimming after stapling. Last came the corners, which I pulled together rather haphazardly. But it worked!

Now it waits for Jonathan to come home and screw the seat back on the chair.

The fabric is just cotton and not super sturdy, so I'm sure it will wear more quickly than official upholstery fabric. But it was free, I think it's lovely, and I can find something else fun next time it needs to be redone. Or whenever I get in the mood to change it!
Thanks, Nester, for telling me over and over that IDHTBPTBB! I don't think I would have tackled this otherwise.


natalie said...

Fun! I love that you used a fabric that had meaning to you, even if it won't last as long as something sturdier.

My mom helped me to cover my chair seats a few years ago... they're in dire need of it again, though!

Laurie said...

I think that is an industrious endeavor!
Nice work!

Wayne and Genene said...

I know G'pa and G'ma would love it that you are using the chair. Good job!!

TAB said...

Wow! How thrifty and proverbs 31 of you! Good job!

Jessie said...

nice job! I will have to look at things with different eyes now :)