Friday, February 12, 2010

Cookie Day!

Wednesday was our 6th annual Cookie Day at the Missouri State Capitol, when families from around the state bake and package cookies and deliver them to the legislators in Jefferson City.

Here are our 24 packages of cookies:

And a close-up of the labels:

"Our" alcove next to Rep. Davis's office.

Families came here to get their assignment sheets, then moved out all over the capitol to deliver cookies, cheer, and a message of, "We love having legal midwives in Missouri. Please don't let that change!" 3,550 homemade cookies were delivered this year by 150 midwifery supporters. Great work!

We moved to this area just off the rotunda for lunch.

Jesse and Emily arranged for pizza delivery and folks were able to order ahead of time - it worked great! Samanda brought lots of drinks, which were most welcome. The above pictures were taken before the pizza or the crowds arrived.

The thing about which I'm always disappointed in myself on/after Cookie Day is the fact that I get so involved in what's going on that I forget to take pictures. The preceeding pictures are all ones that Jonathan was thoughtful enough to take. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't have any of Cookie Day events. Thanks Babe!

And here are some pictures I took on our way to the van around 3pm. The Missouri capitol is a beautiful building, and I would love to plan several hours someday to take pictures both inside and out.


Eryn said...

what a wonderful idea! looks like somuch fun.

natalie said...

Well, I totally forgot to get *any* pictures, so I enjoyed seeing yours. :) I meant to say hi and introduce myself, but we wanted to catch one of the representatives on lunch and didn't have much down time to chat... maybe next year! :)

Tracy Crowe Jones said...

Just a tidbit of trivia I recently learned: The "pretty" side of the capitol is facing the river. Supposedly this is because when the capitol was built most people arrived by boat and so that was the side people saw first. I don't know if this is true or not, but it's an interesting theory.

Laurel said...

Sorry I missed getting to meet you, Natalie! This are so crazy on Cookie Day.
I don't know which side I think is prettier, Tracy. All the pics in this post are on the river side of the building. It is beautiful and I think you're right about the way it was planned. But the other side is really lovely and impressive as well. I'll post a picture of both sides in a separate post, just for fun.

Peachtree said...

Aw, if I would've thought about it that you would be there, maybe I would have done more than just think about going!

Somehow it always looks to big for me to pull off - but then when it's over I wish I would have gone!