Thursday, August 06, 2009

Please pray for Noah

I mention Noah Estes from time to time, asking for prayer. If you're not familiar yet with Noah and his family, he is darling little (almost) 3 year old who is very ill. I have been reading his family's blog for over two years now, and though I've never met them, they have become a blessing to me as they share God's work in their lives.

Right now, Noah and his family really need your prayers. You can read more about what is currently happening on their blog, as well as learning some background on their family by clicking the "New to Our Blog?" button on the right of their page.


Wayne and Genene said...

We have been praying for Noah. Todays pic of him and his red eyes and mouth made me cry. But the story of their "journey" to the new doctor was evidence or God's presence in their situation.

Laurie Lynn said...

What a difficult road for Noah and his family.
Praise to God who gives grace so abundantly.
Yes, we'll pray.