Friday, August 14, 2009


Stephen has had a tiny dimple near his left eye for quite a while. It's cute, but doesn't show up that often.

Here's Stephen on July 5:

Very cute. But no dimple.

Then on July 9, he got in a fight with a cabinet... and lost.
See the deep bruise showing up on his cheek?

And here he is on July 29, with his new dimple in full bloom:

Fascinating, eh?
I don't know how long this dimple will last, but I think it is adorable!


Laurie Lynn said...

The dimple(Stephen is) adorable!
Sorry about the run-in with the cabinet!

Jessie said...

he's cutie! :)

Eryn said...

ella had the same thing two years ago! i was told it was the fatty part of the cheek that got damaged. it will last for a year or so, then fill back out as they grow and their face changes shape.

TAB said...

Henry got one of those too. He became acquainted with the edge of the table I think. It lasted about 6 months, maybe longer and was gone.
Stephen is such a happy cutie!