Monday, August 17, 2009


I realized this morning that I have only imagined posting about the guineas that we've had since the beginning of July. This just goes to show that not all the blog posts that start in my head end up online.

I posted a picture of the guineas over the weekend on my photo blog and my mom commented, "When did you get these??" My first thought was, "Mama! I thought you read my blog..." Then I went back through both the photo and regular blogs and couldn't find anything about guineas. Ha!

Here's the tale of the guineas... Linda (our fabulous neighbor) got a batch of guineas in late June and we bought some from her. I think we brought our six down to the house on July 1st or 2nd. We lost one when we moved them outside to what used to be the ducks' pen, because we didn't get the ducks' water tub out at first. Sad. But the other five are doing great. We now let them run around in the fenced garden all day, eating bugs. Come evening, they fly out of the garden and run around the yard until we herd them into their pen. Hopefully soon they'll fly out of the garden and into their pen in the evening on their own.

And here they are, in case you missed them on Yesterday:


Wayne and Genene said...

Thanks =}! I went back and looked before I asked. Glad you brought us up to speed. They sure are cute.

Laurie Lynn said...

I love the design of the speckly feathers!
Are guineas quiet? The seem like a great insect controlling idea! Though in our yard, I thiunk the neighbor cats would torment them (or worse!)!

Laurel said...

They're not too loud now, but I hear they'll get louder. If they get irritating, you'll be sure to hear about! :-)

Laurie Lynn said...

I do hope they are helpful and somewhat enjoyable! There's a little place that used to keep guineas just outside of town. I used to see them at the border of the property just roadside. Maybe they still have guineas, but they are staying in the yard now?
Interesting, I know.
Just a little trivial fact there.

Laurel said...

I thoroughly enjoy your "little trivial facts," Laurie!