Saturday, August 01, 2009


This is a phenomenal performance by Phil Keaggy of Salvation Army Band. Rick, from Cumberland Books/Dry Creek Chronicles, posted it out of his current fascination with "looping," a technique that allows a solo artist to "turn his solo guitar into a guitar army." I sat here with my mouth open through much of it - great stuff!


Laurie Lynn said...

God has gifted him in a phenomenal way! I’m also amazed he plays so well even with a missing finger! (I imagine, an important finger!) Our family was able to see him and his “S.A. band” in concert a few times. One of the best was in McPherson, KS. Great, inovative stuff for sure...from way back! Mike had most of his early albums (you know...vinyl,) and they, along with Paul Clark's early albums were like "soundtracks" to our courtship.
(A little history for you. Sorry, but since you brought Phil Keaggy up! ; )
Loved it!
Blessings this Lord's Day!

TAB said...

Gotta love that guitar playing! I grew up listening to Phil Keaggy so I appreciate his amazing work!