Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Quite a day

Papa and Mama Byrd are staying at the lovely Traxler "Bed and Breakfast" this week while they visit. It's a nice way for them to visit us and some dear friends at the same time. Yesterday when they were getting close to our place, their Suburban started overheating. Not a good sign! They nursed it along and got it here, then Papa and Jonathan tried a bunch of stuff to get it to stay cool. Unfortunately, it kept overheating. They wound up spending the night here last night - yay for late night games! - and having it towed in today.

Once they left with the tow truck this morning, it was time to get busy in the garden! It's been too wet to finish my planting, but it's been a terrific time for the weeds to grow. Ugh. So today I had lots of weeding and planting to do. I also finally got the various areas staked and "fenced off" with string. Next year, this will be the first thing I do after tilling!

I got all of the seeds planted except the winter squash. We'll have pie pumpkins, mini pumpkins, and butternut squash (drool...), but I wasn't sure how big of a "hill" they needed, so today I just marked where the hills will be.

After the seeds are all in, the next thing to plant will be tomatoes and peppers. We also have some rhubarb and asparagus to plant, but since those are perennials, I'm not sure where I'll put them.

Anyway, several hours and lots of dirt and sunshine later, I was glad to take a shower and relax a bit! Here is the evidence of my day's labor (I didn't take any pictures of all the dirt and sun that got on me!):

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Eryn said...

wow. looks great. the kids and i are really wanting to get a garden going. unfortunately, a big tree is in our way and james hasnt had time to remove it.