Monday, May 11, 2009

A Mother's Day Lesson

Last night/this morning I was blessed to be part of an encouraging and refreshing "conversation" via Facebook. I'm going to copy it here for your enjoyment and, hopefully, blessing.

Laurel - had a really lovely day with my family, including both sets of our parents for a grilled supper. Our moms liked their gifts; I got a forsythia bush from Dad & Mom Smith, a phone from J, and a visit from Papa & Mama. Is it okay that it stings that not one of my seven beloved children told me Happy Mother's Day or acknowledged me in any way today? Or does my disappointment show my shallowness and need to grow up?

Becky at 10:58pm May 10
I think they should've been prompted! :) I don't think it's a character flaw on your part.

Nanci at 11:03pm May 10
Know what I got? I did get a couple happy mother's day wishes and my oldest fixed me a glass of water. But I am so blessed. My stinky boys love me, I know. No, your disappointment doesn't mean you're shallow. People need or expect different things on different occasions. Usually on mother's day, my mom and I go play all day together. (shopping, lunch, pampering) and I don't see my kids til evening. Go figure though, I enjoyed my whole day just being able to clean my parents' house. I love you Laurel--you're a lovely spirit. I miss those days in French class with you.

Jennifer at 11:11pm May 10
It is okay and be comforted that - it will come. They will learn to appreciate you and show it - eventually :) Mother's Day is only ONE day. I am thankful that I get to spend all the little moments with them all the time. Many moms don't get to spend as much time as we do sewing into them! Happy Mother's Day (every day)!!

Laurel at 11:21pm May 10
Thanks for the sweet thoughts, my friends. :-)
I wanted to add that the Lord showed me years ago that Mother's Days are always wonderful when I consider them to be a day for *me* to celebrate the privilege of being Mama to my Blessings. So my expectations are generally not for what I will receive or "get." Perhaps I didn't take the time to get my mind set quite right this year. Thankfully, the Lord is faithful, and He'll help me do better next year!

Shawna at 11:26pm May 10
Great attitude Laurel! And you know what, the day isn't over yet! There is still time to go kiss each of their cheeks and pray over them, thanking the Lord for the opportunity to be their mother!

Nanci at 11:38pm May 10
I think we just had a women's Bible study and I'm thankful for that. See, FB IS good for something!

Wendy at 11:44pm May 10
I had to say something to both James and Shay--Dad was the first one to acknowledge the day for me. Happy Mother's Day!

Angela at 9:23am May 11
God made us with a desire to be appreciated. He wouldn't be telling us that He will reward those who earnestly seek Him or well done good and faithful servant if He didn't make us with that need. We just need to remember that if our kiddos don't acknowledge or affirm us that Our heavenly Father DOES! That may not take the sting away, but it certainly does remind me that my worth is from Him! PRAISE GOD!

Lynn at 11:14am May 11
Ya know Laurel, it takes quite a mother to take care of 7 kids and misplace a few now and then...Here at this Smith house I do all the coooking, most of the cleaning, takin the kids to dr appts., and all of the motherly things, but yet my wife get the credit for doing the moms in a weird way i know how ya feel..but deep down my reward for my work is in seeing my children happy, and them not beeing afraid

Lynn at 11:15am May 11
oops hehe, that was suposed to say NOT misplace a few now and then..humm...

Laurel at 11:29am May 11
lol, well, I do misplace one every now and then, but usually not for long! :-) For the record, Lynn, I think you are a terrific father, and your kids are all blessed to have you.
I so appreciate the thoughts that all of you have shared, and I think it's nifty that most of you don't even know the others who have been part of this conversation. What a great use of technology!
Last night, I went in and gave each of my children a kiss/hug/pat on the leg (it was all I could reach!), thanking the Lord for them and praying that He will bless and guide them (and that they will follow). I am more thankful than I could ever express to be Mama to these precious children. Yesterday's lesson made me even more aware of that, and more grateful than ever.

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Rachel said...

What beautiful thoughts!

I spent Mother's Day with my family, and due to a number of interesting circumstances, my Mom and I found ourselves alone on Sunday morning-while everyone else was at church!-with 5 kids ages 8 and under, and a big Mother's Day Meal to prepare and transport, with the children, in a mini-van. The drive to our destination was about 40 minutes. As we sat in the van, with children yelling and food for a crowd stuffed everywhere, it occurred to us that we-the Mothers-were doing all the work! We had a good laugh over it, at least.