Friday, May 08, 2009

Good News Club Dinner

Jonathan's folks are the "directors" (read: workhorses) for the Good News Club our chapel sponsors at a local elementary school. Yesterday was the last Club of the school year, and was also the chosen time for the end-of-year dinner/celebration. We were honored to be asked to host the celebration at our house, and Mom Smith made it very easy to host by preparing virtually all the food. Mama Byrd and I fixed the dessert, and Jonathan grilled the meat. But mostly, I was able to simply enjoy a house full of people (20 of us!) fellowshipping and enjoying themselves. It was wonderful!

The grill chef:
Visiting on the front porch:
More visiting:
Washers game:
And there was fishing!  Max got this catfish; he's a catch-and-release kind of guy:

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Jessie said...

Oh we love fishing! It is so fun-he did a great job.