Wednesday, March 25, 2009


First, check out this terrific post On Being Real.

The whole subject of being Real is something that has been on my heart for the last few years. I know it's come up here more than once. I think fake-ness is one of the biggest problems the body of Christ faces today. Well, it's actually pride, I suppose, because that's what generally keeps us from being real. We wouldn't want to let anyone know the dirty truth... that we're parenting sinners, we're married to sinners... that (gasp!) we ARE sinners... saved by grace, given a new nature, and still desperately in need of the practical work of sanctification. So we whitewash the truth about ourselves, thinking that everyone else has it all together (thank you, Jill Phillips), when everyone struggles, everyone needs to know they're not alone, and we should be supporting one another, not faking each other out.

And to be clear, the fakeness is not a malady I've conquered. But it's one I see God working on in me.

Other randomness...
Grace has been sick with stomach yuck since Monday morning. In that time, she's kept next to nothing down. Today, I am on a mission to re-hydrate her without having to go get her stuck with an IV. I'm giving her 1 tsp of fluid every 10 minutes (homemade pedialyte). She kept the first several tsp down, then brought it all up at once. We're back up to having successfully kept down 2 tsp. If she can't get something in to stay, we're thinking we might need to take her in later today. Your prayers are appreciated!

Jonathan got the garden tilled on Monday. Tip for noobie gardeners... front tine tillers will kick you in the booty! Whether you're buying or renting, go for the rear-tine. Free advice from noobie gardener central.

Stephen is enjoying making all sorts of sounds with his tongue. It's so fun, because I remember learning to making those sounds with my sweet Mama. He also has started trying to tickle my neck. Too cute!


HopiQ said...

Being vulnerable and transparent is something the Lord is working on in me as well. My tendency is to want to cover the ugly blemishes and weaknesses. It is so freeing to be real, and it breaks down so many barriers among believers.

Anonymous said...

Real the is coolest and most awesome way to live a life - even if we have to struggle with it everyday.