Thursday, March 05, 2009

Being and Doing

I've read thoughts in the last week on a few different blogs (forgive me, I'm not even sure which blogs they were and I have no links for you) on Being more and Doing less. That sounds lovely, doesn't it? Focusing on who I am, who I want to be... and the things I need to do will get done. I've read these blogs with a mixture of longing and skepticism, to be honest. Yes, I realize that Who I am is more important than What I do. But I've got a family to care for, feed, cloth, educate, etc. And I've had my doubts about how this all fits together.

This morning, I was thinking about all the stuff I needed to Do today. And then I was reminded about Being. So before I wrote out my To-Do list, I made myself first write out my To-Be list.

So, on the left side of the paper is this:
Earthly good
Thankful (just added - thank you Hope!)

And on the right side of the paper:
Invoices (done)
Scheduling (done)
15 Minutes in: Kitchen, Our Room, Living/Dining Rm
Garden Planning
Call Dr. Mary (pushed to tomorrow, since she's not at the office today)
Transplant Strawberries before they die (done)

This dual list has actually helped me be more focused on Being rather than Doing. I've noticed, though, that I don't get to cross things off the BE list. It won't be "finished" until I'm finished! That's okay, because He who promised is Faithful. And as I focus on enjoying Him and His work in me (Being), I really am able to Do what I need to do.

Hope this is some encouragement to you today!


Eryn said...

i liked this! good post.

Peachtree said...

Thanks Laurel! I needed that!