Monday, March 16, 2009

A Great Visit

We were blessed to have Shawna and her Blessings visit us today! It was, of course, wonderful to see my dear friend, and it was fun to see the kids enjoy each other.

I took several pictures of Miles, trying to get a close up, but he's all action!

Stephen, on the other hand, will stop whatever he's doing to ham for the camera...

Grace and Cam fishing:

Miles the mountain climber:

The boys at the fence to our neighbors' horse corral:

The older girls:

The little boys were *done* by the time we took a group picture:

Cam wasn't!

Thanks for a wonderful visit, guys!


HopiQ said...

Looks like oh-so much fun!

Eryn said...

so sorry we couldnt make it! looks like fun!

Laurel said...

We missed you guys, Eryn, but understand that whole nap thing. :-)