Monday, March 31, 2008

Pajama Tea Party

Last Friday, Jonathan and the boys went to Movie Night at the chapel. The girls and Stephen were still not feeling well enough to go, so we stayed home. After the girls had gotten baths, we had a Pajama Tea Party. I put a fancy lace tablecloth over the burgandy one, and got out some of the nice china while they took a bath. They were so excited!

Grace's comment as she excitedly got ready for her bath is such an example of her view of life. "We're going to have a Pajama Tea Party! And we will Laugh!"

And laugh we did!

Our gourmet fare for this feast was chocolate chips, marshmallows, leftover chocolate bunny, and blueberry tea. Classy ladies!


MagenRanae said...

Yay! What a treat for them!

zerry ht said...

Last week I had a pyjama tea party at home. All my friends were invited there. Everyone loved the preparations and enjoyed a lot. Now have to plan my birthday party which is in next month. Will organize it at one of New York venues. Hope will be able to throw amazing party.