Tuesday, March 04, 2008

O Patient, Spotless One!

A while back, I discovered a great site with lots of wonderful hymn recordings that are free for downloading. I listen to them on a regular basis, and have been enjoying them today while working on the computer.

A hymn with which I was unfamiliar jumped out at me with this line, "Savior! Thou art enough The mind and heart to fill." I went to find the lyrics and thought I'd share them.

O Patient, Spotless One!
by C. Andreas Bernstein

O patient, spotless One!
Our hearts in meekness train
To bear Thy yoke and learn of Thee
That we may rest obtain

Savior! Thou art enough
The mind and heart to fill
Thy life, to calm the anxious soul
Thy love, its fear dispel

O fix our earnest gaze
So wholly, Lord on Thee
That with Thy beauty occupied
We else-where none may see

Listen to it here

Here's the link to the main Saints Serving site

I was sharing with Jonathan earlier that I don't remember a time in my life when I would not have loved these recordings. They are the hymns with which I grew up, and in my younger years, they were most often sung without accompaniment, as they are here. These recordings take me both backward in memory and forward in faith. What a great combination!

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