Friday, September 18, 2009

Other Kansas Stuff

Our van has had a vibration for quite a while and we've been putting off fixing it. On our drive to Hutch, it became very evident that we could not put it off any longer. Dale was gracious enough to find parts and help Jonathan do the needed repairs on Monday morning. Praise God for Dale!

We dropped by our old house in Nickerson Monday after we left camp, just to see it again. It apparently had been foreclosed on and (we found out after we got home) has a new contract on it. We loved that house, have so many memories there, and it was fun to see it again.

We spent Monday night at Nate and Becki's. Becki cooked us a fabulous meal (of course!) and we had a fun evening visiting. Mom Yount was there for dinner as well, which was fun. The older kids enjoyed trying out a Wii for the first time, Luke and Stephen played in the tub, Jonathan and Nate did manly stuff, and Becki and I gabbed around the frequent interuptions (as moms will do). Great time with precous friends!

Tuesday morning we left Nate and Becki's about 7am and headed to Cooper tire in Hutch to replace two tires. The service was amazingly fast. After the tires were done, we splurged on McD's for breakfast. The real treat was that Bethany, one was one of the attendants at Stephen's birth, met us there and we got to visit for a little bit. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures!

All tired up and fed up, we picked up Papa and Mama from Jim and Joy's where they had spent the night and hit the road for Missouri. It was a wonderful trip home to Kansas!


Laurie said...

I'm so rejoicing with you for fellowship and reunion times!

Laurie said...

Oh yeah, by the way, how fun for you to see your old home! I graduated from Nickerson High. It's always fun (and a little saddish weirdish) to "go back". Ya know?

Wayne and Genene said...

We also enjoyed our time in Kansas. But not as much as our time with you guys!!

TAB said...

What great photos. I think I remember helping you clean one day as you readied to move from that house.
Does that daughter of Becki and Nate's children look like an Asberry or what??