Friday, September 18, 2009

KBC Work Retreat, Sept. 4-7 2009

There was lots of hard manual labor going on Saturday at camp, but for some reason I mostly took pictures of the sewing projects and the kids. Mama Byrd, myself, Mom Yount, and Becki worked on sewing mattresses in need of repair (a disproportionate number of which came from the boys' dorms... I'm just sayin'). It was fun to work together again! I also caught Willow and Autumn sewing up the trampoline and volleyball nets.
(Click to enlarge the collages)

Another treat was getting to see the new generation playing. I'm sure more times than I can count over the years that I worked at KBC, staff friends talked about when their children would come to camp together. Most of this gang is too young to be campers, but oh, how fun to watch them play!

Here's an extra picture of Stephen playing in the Prophet's Chamber, which was a playroom for the weekend. Besides the fact that I think he's so cute, I'm including it so that those of you who haven't been to camp for a while can get a little glimpse of the refinished dining room floor.

Sunday afternoon there was a rocket launch on the ball field - a good chance to get pictures of friends.

And a few shots from Monday, the last day we were at camp.


Laurie Lynn said...

Lovely glimpse of some familiar faces!
Good report, Laurel!

TAB said...

It is fun to see some beloved faces.