Wednesday, September 16, 2009

August/September Birthdays

Jonathan's requested birthday dinner was potato soup, salad, and chicken pot pie. His Coffee Cake-Literally birthday cake was a critically acclaimed surprise. He received a penny whistle and a harmonica (with Mel Bay manual) from his parents and fancy pipe tobacco and some mad money from mine. Alas, I have not yet managed to get him a birthday present... though I did take him to see the Steve Miller Band with my birthday mad money. Surely that counts?

Here's some pics from J's bday:

Josiah and Elanor had an interesting party arrangement this year. Ellie's birthday was the day before we left for our Kansas trip; Josiah's was the day we drove back. Ellie had her chosen birthday dinner on her birthday, but wanted to save cake for their official joint Bday party. Josiah had his Bday cake the night we got back from Kansas (Gpa and Gma Smith even came over at 9pm to be there for the cake!), and he chose the dinner for their joint party. The presents also happened at the joint party. Crazy planning, but it was a lot of fun.


Laurie Lynn said...

That's a lot of celebrating! Great mosaic memories! When is your b-day?

Laurel said...

Mine's at the end of July. It came this year while we were at Turkey Hill for family camp, so there was no big party. But it was a great bday nonetheless!

TAB said...

Looks like lots of fun! Happy birthday(s)!