Saturday, August 23, 2008

Unexpected Excitement

Jonathan was bitten by a copperhead snake tonight after our chapel game night.

Here are pictures of the snake and of Jonathan's hand a few minutes after the bite.

After we got home, I called Poison Control, and on their advice we are headed to the ER as soon as Dad and Mom Smith get here to keep an ear out for the kids. It's 1:24am.


Ken said...

Glad it happened after I left. Can't tolerate all that blood & gore. Wonder where the snake's brothers and sisters are! Am praying!

Anonymous said...

We prayed for Jonathan this morning, and hope he doing alright. Of course, the children were a bit sad about missing out on all the excitement. Tina Davis

Kolbi said...

Oh no! Where was the snake and how did you catch it? And, how funny is it that we live in a day and age where we get bit by a snake and take time to photograph it for our blog! LOL

I'm glad to hear he will be fine!