Monday, August 25, 2008

Parental Affirmation

A quick thought here...

I was just reading an email from someone who included a thank you to her parents . . . "for being proud of me in my darkest days."

That struck a chord deep within me, because I have been thinking similar thankful thoughts.

I cannot express what a difference is made in my life by the knowledge that my parents think I'm wonderful. They know that I am far from perfect, far from who I will someday be. And yet, I know that they really truly think that I am a nifty, special, accomplished person.

They speak this to me in so many ways - they tell me in written words, in spoken words, in hugs, in looks that say so clearly, "I'm so glad that you're my daughter and I think you're great."

Papa and Mama believe in me. They know God has sooo much more work to do in me, but they see what He's done so far. And they like me.

I want to pass this same gift on to my children.

Lord, help me see the wonderful gifts and strengths my children have. Help me to appreciate them for who they are, Your precious creations. Help me to see the work You're doing in them, and to affirm and treasure them in ways that give them an assurance of my love and appreciation of them as individuals. Please make me a flesh-and-blood representation to them of Your unfailing love and compassion, as my parents have been to me.


HopiQ said...

Ahhhhh...I am so thankful for this with my parents, too!!! Definitely need emulate this for my kids as well.

Wayne and Genene said...

That's twice today you have brought tears to our eyes.
We are indeed proud of you; we know God is at work in you to bring you to His perfection. We are thrilled to see you with your blessings as you build into their lives.
Mama & Papa

Wayne and Genene said...

Those were tears of joy, in case clarification is needed = }