Monday, August 04, 2008

Il est fini

After fourteen absolutely wonderful months of nursing, Stephen is done. He's nursed longer than any of our other Blessings, and I've known for a while that he was almost finished.

This time with our youngest son has been such a treasure. He is such a treasure! Though I don't necessary feel ready for him to be done nursing, it will be fun to move with him to a new stage of life, still savouring every moment.

I'm hopeful, since he has had such a gradual tapering, that my hormones won't go all wacky and send me into a funky emotional rollercoaster. Just have to trust the Creator with that one!

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Shawna said... is bittersweet isn't it? Miles is wrapping up too, I think I nursed him on Friday night last. We will see...