Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I've started writing down my thanks in a journal, but would like to post them here as well. The first 10 of these are from back in the spring. I then got away from writing them down, and picked up again last week.

One Thousand Gifts (#s 1 - 46)

~ The varied greens of spring
~ Redbuds blossoming/"leafing"
~ Curtains blowing in the breeze
~ Talk of birds as I lay in bed waking up for the day
~ Comforting touch of his hand on my face
~ Blessings I have birthed
~ Bleassing growing inside
~ Pilates - exercise to strengthen my body
~ Praise - exercise to strengthen my soul
~ Reminder that God doesn't require me to be perfect; He asks me to praise

~ Eternal hope
~ Early morning birdsong at Dayspring
~ Nursing sounds
~ Wildflowers outside the cabin window
~ Opportunity to share the Good News
~ Companionship of my beloved
~ Visits from family
~ Babe sleeping on my chest
~ Birth of that babe in our home
~ Legal midwives
~ Hammering of a pileated woodpecker
~ Blessing of being at camp, working with kids
~ Fellowship
~ Chronic stomach pain
~ Trip to town by my man to get stuff for my stomach
~ A Daddy on guard when lifeguards were distracted
~ Grace with us
~ Cool breezes
~ Blessings' artwork
~ Art supplies from a sweet sis-in-love
~ Baby breath on my neck
~ Bum knee
~ Reading/thanking with the Blessings
~ Being made in the image of the Creator
~ Being challenged to create faithfully
~ Garden growing
~ Homestead lessons
~ Sunflowers
~ Clean counters/floors
~ Messy counters/floors
~ Rolls of baby fat
~ Wedding for Katie - faithfulness and endurance rewarded
~ A republic
~ Celebrations with friends
~ Swimming pools
~ Fireworks

holy experience

(a bit late posting these)

I've joined Ann at Holy Experience with many others in expressing gratitude to God, the giver of all good things. Grab the button here and join the gratitude.

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TAB said...

So great! We can find thanksgiving in all things with the Grace of God.