Monday, June 14, 2010

Grace's Birthday Party

We had Grace's birthday party on Friday the 4th, and went outside for her cake & ice cream and presents (because we only have a flash-less camera at present).

Everyone else was outside first, so we sang to Grace on her way from the front door to the party table:
And we were out of birthday candles, so we gathered 7 candles from around the house and lit them instead:
She had fun opening her presents
And Andrew even stayed awake for part of her party!

Saturday night (the 5th), G'pa and G'ma Smith, freshly home from a trip to North Carolina, came over for supper (with their flash-equipped camera). (Yes, that's their dog on a stool at the table)

Grace got to open some more presents
And Stephen delivered an almost open-eyed smile (his current trend is the squinty eyed smile)


Wayne and Genene said...

Precious, Precious, precious!! even the assorted candles. Wish we could have been there.
Love you, Mama

Stephen and Gracie said...

Thanks for the super pics! What a fun party! And I love the creativity of gathering candles from around the house!

When Clara saw the picture of Andrew in his chair at the party, she said "Kiah" (her name for Hilkiah). :-)