Sunday, June 06, 2010

Birthday Season Has Begun!

Note: I finished this post and thought I had posted it yesterday, but discovered today that it hadn't posted (or saved my final draft). So here's another try.

Andrew's arrival on May 1 extended birthday season by one month. Prior to his arrival, all of our birthdays fell between June 1 and September 8. Birthday season is full of fun, good food, and lots of cake and ice cream!

This year we are spreading out the four June birthday parties by celebrating them on the four weekends. The birthday person will still get to request the dinner of their choice on their actual birthday, and the cake of their choice for their party. Should be fun!

Our sweet Grace turned 7 on Tuesday. You can read the story of her birth here and here, if you like birth stories. We are so thankful for Grace and the joy that she brings to our family.

Grace's requested birthday dinner was chicken salad and refried beans - what a combination. We added in peas, corn, and grape tomatoes. Josiah, Barak, and I also made a cheesecake on Tuesday that we baked in two pie pans; we had one on Grace's birthday and one on Stephen's.
Happy Birthday, Grace!

And Stephen turned 3 on Wednesday! I haven't managed to get his birth story written out yet, but maybe in the next year I'll get it done. This little guy gives us many chuckles and much sunshine.

The first word out of Stephen's mouth when asked what he wanted for his birthday meal? Salad! And he meant it; the boy loves salad and will usually eat it first if it is available. We rounded out his meal with pizza, which was his second request.
Happy Birthday, Stephen!


Wayne and Genene said...

I just love those pictures!

Laurie said...

Those are sweet pics! Happy birthdays!