Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blog Layout Switchup

I realized this morning that I had not updated my "Friends' Blogs" or "Worth Reading" lists in my sidebar for quite some time. Honestly, I have so many blogs on my google reader that it would be silly for me to put them all over there. Yet, I do want folks to have a chance to see what blogs I read, both of my friends and of folks who bless me (and/or make me think!) with their blogs regularly. So I was in a quandry.

When I went to add blogs to the link lists, I realized that you can choose how many blogs show up at a time, as well as how they're sorted. So I chose to show the five most recent posts in each list. Makes the page a bit shorter and should have some variety that way.

If you mostly read my blog on a reader, it won't affect you much. But I thought I'd explain the change, because I'm an explainer. Jonathan is laughing by this point; I'd bet money on that if I ever bet money...

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