Thursday, December 03, 2009


I mentioned to a friend the other day that I have so many things floating around in my head about which to post, that I end up not posting because I don't have time for everything. Silliness!

So here are some miscellaneous thoughts, mostly Advent focused (thanks, Tracy, for prompting me to get some of these thoughts down... there'll be some familiarity for you here):

I've gotten almost no Christmas decorating done yet, which is unusual for me by this time. But, my Christmas boxes are in the attic (where I don't venture) and my man has been very busy with work (thankfully!). I'm hoping he'll bring them down tonight. I've been working on getting the house cleaner. Some people are motivated to clean by Spring... I'm motivated by Christmas! Can't stand the thought of decorating dirt and clutter. :-) I have a spot all cleared out for the tree and hope we can get one this weekend.

Being still in anticipation... something I think He's working on teaching me. The calm and overflowing joy instead of the frantic doing. I want my heart and mind to be more aware of Him and less focused on the going, the glitter, and the getting.

The Christmas season brings so many memories to me, not only of family (precious!), but also of dear friends that, in my school years, I would often only see during school breaks. Sweet memories.

I'm hoping to start our Jesse tree tomorrow; that's something I can start without the Christmas boxes, so I've no excuse. :-) And I'm so looking forward to our quiet times of worship aided by the reminder of the advent wreath.

We had a neat time over Thanksgiving with the families with which we usually celebrated Thanksgiving when Eric and I were growing up. Our "fake family," as Beka lovingly refers to them, are dear to us, and we enjoyed celebrating with them again (with many more than there used to be!).

I have lots of Gifts for which I've noted my Gratitude mentally that I need to get written down or posted.

Sometimes when I've been away from blogging, I need a misc. post like this to get me back in the saddle without feeling like I have to catch up chronologically. Thanks for bearing with me. :-)


Kim & Dave said...

Thanks for the reminder to slow down & enjoy these precious times!!!

Laurie said...

Blessings to you as you do the next thing in the Lord's time and as you intentionally slow down so you'll be ready to go in His grace, strength and peace!
Deep breaths and a heart of thanksgiving!

Wayne and Genene said...

We enjoyed our time with you all. You, personally, are always a blessing to me. Glad to see you back.
Love you!