Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finished Siding!

Once upon a time (last fall), the Lord worked things out for us to rent our current home from some friends. It was a two bedroom home, however, and it was agreed that we would do the labor while they paid for materials to convert the two-car garage into living space.
Here it is before we started working on it:

The once-garage is now our bedroom/office/room-to-hide-the-tv, and we love it.

Here are some along the way shots of the outside of the house...
In June. See the raw wood?

Also in June, but after I painted the wood white so that it would blend better:

And the beautiful finished product, with the siding done today by the siding experts:

Me like!


Stacy said...

It looks so good. I know you enjoy the living space so much more than the garage space.

Laurie said...

Nice! Me like too!

Kim & Dave said...

Need the FB "like" button!