Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why I use Google Chrome

First of all, I'm going to admit right off that I realize that Google's browser, Chrome, has its challenges. It has issues dealing with certain types of media, and just this week, it started doing a bizarre thing when I want to print stuff. But I just can't make myself leave and go back to Internet Explorer. I'll use other browsers when I have to, to get a page to work right, but I'll put up with that hassle in order to keep my Chrome.

Here are some screenshots to illustrate two reasons why I love Chrome too much to leave.

1. I love the "New Tab" tab. When I click to open a new tab in IE, I get this uninspiring view (and that's the improvement that comes with IE8!):

Oh, but when I click to open a new tab in Chrome, I get this:

Those lovely little boxes are links to the most often recently used websites. I'm very predictable, and 9 times out of 10, what I want is going to be right there. Love that. Note, none of your blogs are there, not because I don't read them, but because they're in my Reader on my homepage.

2) It's wonderfully minimalist. Look at how much room the actual webpage gets in Chrome (on the left), compared to IE8 (on the right). I am claustrophobic, and I guess that applies to the things I see in my computer screen as well. When I need to use other browsers, I feel like I'm cramped... like I should duck or something.

The advertisement for Google is rather incidental... they just happen to be who makes the browser I like best. The shameless plug for my photo blog, Yesterday, on the other hand, is totally intentional, and I hope you decide to follow it/put it in your reader/check it every day for the rest of your internet days (or for as long as I manage to be faithful to posting on it).

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