Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Birthday Bashes, Round 1 - Grace

As you've likely already read, our sweet Gracie turned 6 on Monday. We had a fun evening celebrating her birthday.

After a supper of John Denny Casserole, peas & corn, and applesauce, we decided to go outside for a while to enjoy the beautiful evening. We headed up the hill to the pond:

Rolled down the hill:

Smiled beautifully for Mama:

And admired the ducks (who get herded up and down the hill in the morning and evening until they get bigger):

Then we headed back down to the house for Grace to blow out the candles on her Strawberry Shortcake Cake:

And to just generally have ourselves a grand ol' time:

(p.s. - the PW SSC Cake was absolutely oh-mercy-me good!)


TAB said...

What a fun time!
John Denny casserole???

Wayne and Genene said...

Looks like loads of fun. Haven't had JD casserole in a looong time.

Laurel said...

Tab, JD Cass = baked beans and ground beef, layer of cheese, topped with biscuit dough, and baked. You don't remember that camp meal?