Sunday, December 07, 2008

More Imperfection

And isn't it beautiful?!

I made another step of progress in my It-doesn't-have-to-be-perfect-to-be-beautiful journey. And in my the-whole-point-of-Christmas-is-a-Person-not-my-imperfect-decorations journey.

See, despite our good intentions, we didn't buy candles for our Advent wreath before Advent started last Sunday. The only places "locally" (read: 30 minutes away) where we can buy official Advent candles just don't happen to be open when we can get ourselves there. So today, I was out doing Christmas shopping for neat stuff that I really want to tell you about but can't because certain people for whom I was shopping sometimes read this blog. Thank your lucky stars I just took the word "when" out of that last sentence, because it was headed towards being a record-breaking run-on. Anyway, I made an imperfect-but-beautiful decision to buy three blue tapers and one red taper instead of three blues and one rose/pink (as "called for" by tradition).

So tonight, as we began the second week of Advent, when we focus on Peace, we had an Advent Wreath with candles to light. And it was lovely. Even though our Christ candle (the one in the middle) is awfully short. I repeat, it was lovely, and we had a wonderful time reading, talking, and singing about the peace we have through our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Wayne and Genene said...

Daughter dear, you are making wonderful progress in "making the Main thing the main thing."
love you!!

MagenRanae said...

Way to go, Laurel! It looks fabulous! I'm so proud of you for not getting caught up in the trivial things!