Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back Online

We had our new internet service (satellite) installed on Friday. Saturday, we had a demonstration of the less-stable aspect of a satellite connection, as there were storms most of the day and we had no service. But all in all, we think we'll survive. Which is good, because this is apparently our best option for this location at this time!

I've been waiting to post a blog until I had time to do an extensive one, but I've realized it might never happen that way. So, here I am to say, "I'm baaaack!" I thoroughly enjoyed our two weeks and two days without internet. It was blissful. I'm also thrilled to be back online, and praying for wisdom in the use of my time.

I was planning to "blog" off-line and post this wonderful account of our two weeks when I got back. Alas, I managed to write only one day. I'll try to post our Christmas highlights soon.

In the meantime, here is a little something from Dec. 13th:
Saturday, Dec 13
On Wed 12/10, we broke up with our unsatisfactory ISP. That was quite an experience; one I'll probably never write about because, while I try to be real on this blog, I see no need to belabor the negative. Suffice it to say that we chose to end the service. We have new service lined up, but the first install date was Dec. 24, so we're off-line for two whole weeks!

I actually can think of no better time to go cold turkey than the Christmas season. The last few days have been great. Lots of time hanging out as a family and enjoying each other. I'm looking forward to the remainder of our off-line time.

Wednesday night we enjoyed some fellowship with the Teeters at their house. Both of our families have been pretty crazy lately, and it was a blessing to get to sit and visit together.

The fact that Papa and Mama Byrd arrived at our house on Thursday has certainly contributed to the wonderfulness of our time off-line! Thursday, we mostly hung out, played games, etc. Jonathan had some work to do, but got home around 4pm. After the kids went to bed, the four of us played our Christmas present from the Teeters - a game called Cadoo. It was lots of fun.

Friday, Mama and I took Stephen and finished Papa and Mama's Smith Christmas shopping. We also met up with Auntie Joyce, Sarah, and Asher for lunch, which was fun. Mama and I have always enjoyed shopping together, and we had a great (and successful) excursion. The last stop was Walmart, where we also bought groceries for the rest of their visit, and pizza for supper last night.

Unfortunately, lunch did not sit well with Mama, and they ended up heading back to the Traxler Bed & Breakfast a bit early. While I was sad that Mama felt so wretched, the side benefit to them heading home early was that I got to finish up their Christmas present. Yay!

Today we are looking forward to Beka and The Cousins getting here. They got a late start from KC (where they visited Beka's family), so it will be late afternoon before they get here. And I need to use that time to get some cooking/baking/crafting/cleaning done, so I'd better get on the move!

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