Monday, November 17, 2008


Last week we started drywalling our new room. Monday night, Jonathan and I worked on it some Monday night, but were only able to get a sheet and a half up on the ceiling. Tuesday, Jonathan and his dad got quite a bit done.

Then Wednesday, Alan and Joe (and their lovely families) came over. The guys worked together and got almost the whole room drywalled!

And no, it didn't take three of them to put up every piece, but they were obliging and posed for me.

Then, while I was gone this weekend for the doula training, Jonathan and Joe finished the drywall and got on a first coat of mud. Yay! Yesterday afternoon we went over and started the 2nd coat. Later in the evening, Dad Smith helped finish up the 2nd coat.

Serious progress!


Shawna said...


have you picked a paint color yet?

Laurel said...

Well... the rest of the house is uniform, colorwise. A light beige with soft white trim. And our friend told Jonathan he kind of wishes they hadn't used so much color. :-) So, I think we'll probably match this room to the rest of the house and add color in other ways.

I'm excited to do some serious Nesting in a house that is such a lovely canvas. I'll be posting as I go, and I'll be eager for suggestions.

Eryn said...

i would love to hear more on your doula training. are you going to be certified?

Laurel said...

Eventually, I think I will, Eryn. This training was given by a regional trainer for one of the national doula certifying agencies, but it was not officially *for* them, so it was less expensive, and isn't directly leading to certification. But I think that I will continue to pursue training, and I expect to become certified along the way - if the Lord continues to lead in this direction.