Thursday, May 01, 2008

Kitchen Work

But first... Happy Mayday! I have fond Mayday memories from Holiday Weeks at High School camp at KBC. Fun times.

The last couple of weeks have been picking up with our work for Lowes (praise the Lord!), so it was odd when we had no work at the beginning of this week. Hindsight reveals that it was for a good purpose!

Monday, Jonathan worked on taking the cabinets off of this wall in the kitchen/dining room area so that he could drywall (and recut an air return vent that we took out when we tore down the wall between the two rooms).

We moved a couple of them into the kitchen temporarily so that I would have a place to put some of the stuff until we got to our big kitchen project.

Later that day, I came upon Jonathan gazing thoughtfully at the section of wall that now was bare studs. I noticed his gaze wandering over to the kitchen wall slated to come down at some later date, and I cautiously asked, "Whatcha thinkin', Babe?" To which he replied that he didn't think he could do the drywall for that day's section until we tore out the kitchen wall and put up the support beam... "Oh. Okay." (Laurel smiles what she prays looks like an encouraging smile, and thanks God for the grace to not flip out but be thankful for progress)

To give a bit of explanation, our basement is non-usable for the most part. We decided a while back that we would use the current basement stair space for our kitchen remodelling, since the basement is a mostly unusable space that is accessable from an outside door. If we're here long enough to build an addition, it will have an accessable, usable basement.

So, on Tuesday morning, the kitchen wall to the basement stairs started coming down. Oh, the beauty that panelling has been covering up!

Jonathan's favorite part of remodelling work - the demolition!

And, viola! Hours of work later, the walls are down. Note the conflagration of wood that makes up that one stud in front of Jonathan.

Here's Jonathan hard at work putting in supports for the new floor. And it was hard work. Aged hickory is no picnic to pound nails into, from what I hear.

Woot! The supports are all in!

And the subfloor can be put down!

Jonathan put in a Really hard day's work on Tuesday, and got a ton accomplished. Once we get our socialism check, we can get wood for the support beam, get that up, take out the rest of the studs, and think more about the next step in our eco-friendly kitchen redo. That "eco" would stand for economically, mind you. No (more) debt, pay as you go, and all that good stuff.

P.S. - Sorry about the grainy quality of some of the pictures. We were trying a setting on our camera that we will no longer be using.


Shawna said...

So I can really say that I completely understand what an undertaking this is! :) Good times. I struggle daily to bite my tongue (sometimes not all that successful) because progress is just that, progress!

I had to laugh when I read socialism check! I thought you meant something like a building permit. LOL, until I clicked on the link. :) It is interesting b/c while we don't agree with the check, and what it supposedly will do, it sure did come at a nice time.

Laurel said...

I'm fully aware of that irony as well! On principle, we don't agree with the checks either. But we certainly not sending ours back!

MagenRanae said...

I love remodeling projects!!! (Looking at pictures, that is.) So fun!

Jessie said...

So fun to have things getting done. I am looking forward to seeing the finished project :)
And I am sure you do too.