Friday, April 18, 2008

Did you feel it??

We just experienced our first earthquake. About 25 minutes after we felt it, we found confirmation it was not our imagination - a 5.4 near West Salem, IL (around 130 miles away). At this distance, what we felt was pretty mild, but quite the rush since it was our first.

Praying folks are safe!

Update - They've changed the info and are now saying it was a 5.2 (and was centered 7 miles underground). It was felt as far as 900 miles away.

Also - there was another, smaller quake in the same area at 6.55. It was a 2.6.


MagenRanae said...

Wow, Laurel. That's crazy.

How's your family doing? Hopefully no one is too scared?

Laurel said...

The kiddos slept through it, except for Barak. And he wasn't bothered enough to get out of bed, lol. So we're all good. :-)